Commercial Moves

Offices, Storefronts, and More

Move your Business

Your business cannot shut down just because you need to relocate. We-Haul is able to help you to move your office in a speedy, efficient, and non-invasive manner. Whether you are moving to another floor, building, city or country, we will transport your items and set them up in your new space, following a well coordinated “battle plan” developed with your input prior to the move. And we promise to stay within your originally quoted price (and thus your budget) with no surprise additions to your final bill. If you are looking for Commercial moving services in the GTA you can trust We-Haul.

Let us walk you through a typical commercial move:


We draw up a moving plan and offer a guaranteed flat rate price that fits your business budget and will provide minimal disruption of your daily activities.


Confirms your guaranteed price and defines the details of the upcoming move so that you can adjust your work day accordingly. Also ensures that you will not have any surprises on move day.

Delivery of Packing Materials

We deliver all necessary boxes and tags for you to pack your items. We provide and pack boxes for items requiring special care (paintings, mirrors, antiques, etc.).

Marking and Tagging

Based on the floor plan of your current office, we mark all items prior to the move. We then head to the new space and again label each area in agreement with the floor plan to make sure all items are put where they belong.

Office Protection

We cover your office floors, walls, and common areas with wall coverings and masonite for protection.

Preparation and Packing

We securely and smartly pack all items in your office, wrap office furniture for protection, and load your books onto library carts in preparation for transport. We preload the items onto dollies to minimize tying up the elevator on moving day

The Move

Unpacking and Setup. We place all boxes and furniture according to your direction. Our Foremen also have experience to suggest layouts for you.

Furniture Re-assembly

We guarantee that your colleagues will not sit in wobbly chairs during your first business meeting in the new space.

Moving debris removal

A clean office space allows for a productive office space.